HUNTâLOCATION™ is the innovative new platform for global Image Makers headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. 

Built for Creatives to nurture their quest for creating visual content. Offering an inspiring curation of Australian locations available to book direct along with a digital publication featuring international and local photography + motion, architecture + interior designed content.
“ We’re passionate about imagery and how a location can enhance an image. The architecture of a building, the texture of a wall, the design of an interior, a richly coloured streetscape, the beauty of a landscape.

We aim to turn the spotlight on locations that serve as the unifying element that inspire the perfect picture".


KATHY GRZAN | Chief Executive  +  
ANN GRZAN | Director of Creative + Brand
Eighteen years ago, sisters Kathy, an Art Director, and Ann, a Photography Producer and former Advertising Executive, founded Grzan Squared, turning their passion of creating engaging imagery through photography, architecture and design into a successful photography production and location business. Now, they bring you HUNTâLOCATION™, drawing upon their years of experience, knowledge, and lessons learned. Their mission to create an unrivalled and unique platform that celebrates locations in all visual mediums, making the search and booking process inspiring and effortless. Through the HUNTàLOCATION™ community they connect and celebrate Creatives and their creation of beautiful visuals.


The Reading Room, our digital publication delivering our love of design through inspiring ideas to enhance your image making. We feature locations and creative individuals through world-class photography and motion, architecture + interior designed content. 


Available to subscribing Members, The Library showcases a wide selection of hand selected locations spanning streetscapes, landscapes, spaces + houses. It also provides valuable work tools and introduces a new process for our Creative Members to enquire, connect and book directly with our Location Partners.


At our core, we are here to inspire creativity and create a resource that contributes to our community. We are driven by our passion and commitment to bring exceptional locations and share thoughtfully curated design content.  We believe in collaborating and fostering authentic and transparent relationships within our Community and workplace.

Our commitment to sustainability is to offer a valuable asset that helps our Members save time and resources. By reducing the need for extensive scouting and recceing and minimising the carbon footprint of our industry, we contribute to a more sustainable future. We're strong advocates against the use of plastic water bottles on shoot sets and actively work to minimise waste generated by catering packaging, while providing alternative solutions for crews.  Together we hope to encourage the change that makes a difference.


We are constantly looking for diverse individuals who possess passion and curious minds to hunt out the zeitgeist and deliver compelling content. If you would like to join our inclusive team of photographers, stylists, writers and location managers, we'd love to hear from you.  These positions will be based in Victoria, NSW and Australia wide. Send us an email at hello@huntalocation.com and we’ll let you know when the positions become available.


JOIN HUNTâLOCATION™ and bring your special space to a vast community of Creative Members.


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